Security & Privacy By Design

Overview (What to aim for)

Build a ‘Trust no one architecture’ that operates on optimal ignorance - each system should know as little as possible.
Ensure high auditability and traceability via digitally signed data and transaction trails.
Build and leverage participant registries (individuals, entities, things in future) as independent building blocks to create higher trust and auditability.
Adopt verifiable credentials to increase trust within the system and also enable information verifiability.
Enable structured, granular, and auditable consent artifacts and frameworks to enable sharing of personal data across systems.

Technical Tools (How to achieve it)

  • Tokenisation & Masking
  • Granular electronic consent
  • End to end encryption
  • Digital signatures
  • Verifiable credentials

Societal Outcomes (Why it matters)

  • Trusted usage of the DPI
  • Cybersecurity