🎯DaaS in a nutshell

DPI as a Packaged Solution (DaaS) offers an easily deployable model for various DPI building blocks through packaged product pilots. Through DaaS, you can easily demonstrate proof of success of the DPI approach for your use case, country, context, and outcomes - helping build traction for a full-scale rollout.

The DaaS products products significantly reduce the time, cost, and workforce required to build local, use-case driven DPI. While open-source projects offered by Digital Public Goods (as shown in the diagram above) reduce the time taken to build core DPI components, they do not today reduce the time needed for deployment, and technology management infrastructure.

DaaS combines best-in-class open-source DPGs with a new class of technology service provider institutions to pre-package DPI for ready deployment for pilots. DaaS package consists of a pre-packaged DPI product combined with program and policy guidance so that the time to deployment is further reduced.

DaaS thus leverages best-in-class Digital Public Goods (DPGs) to create a pre-built package that every country can use to test out a pilot, using a set of Technology Service Providers. Countries retain full control over the pilot and all systems built (including the IP), and can customize (by adding extensions) to the systems post the pilot and before they scale.

Countries can also select the type of cloud they prefer - public or private clouds - to drive growth, inclusion and scale. Private clouds may be more appropriate under some data protection regulatory frameworks.

DaaS is not very different from what governments already do today!

DaaS brings together elements that have been a part of digital governments and national infrastructure building for generations:

  1. Cloud (public or private) is not new - it is used for a variety of government digital services.

  2. Packaged product software purchases are not new - they are part of routine government operations (such as through the Microsoft suite, Email providers, etc.)

  3. Open Source DPGs are not new either - multiple governments use open-source components such as X Road for data sharing or open protocols for best-in-practice tech principles.

DaaS is simply a combination of these things - a small innovation that we believe could have a big impact.

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