3️⃣A 3-step process from idea to implementation!

Piloting DPI via DaaS is now a simple 3-step process!

  1. Countries can choose the use case they want to pilot after reviewing the products on offer

  2. Have conversations with CDPI, DPGs, and ecosystem market players to understand and procure the DPI DaaS package

  3. Configure it to their systems and infrastructure

How DaaS Solves Speed, Cost, Data Ownership, and Capacity Constraints

The benefits of the DaaS approach are manifold:

  1. Significantly faster rollout

  2. Less costly due to minimal upfront costs, smaller teams, and use of open-source components

  3. Clear government ownership of the core IP of the system, data, and cloud instance

  4. Significantly reduced tech capacity requirements

  5. Ability to shift from input (capex) to outcome (opex) based costing (i.e., pay per user, not for each input cost)

  6. Can help tackle incumbency issues to demonstrate proof of concept as a convincing argument

  7. Choice of one or more service providers at the same time

  8. Choice of clouds and portability

  9. Achieve scale and speed to de-risk churn and changes within the system

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