Digital credentials

What is it?

Convert any paper certificate, license, or statement into a verifiable certificate with a signed QR code, with a document wallet app to fetch multiple credentials

Why Digital Credentials?

Issuer can issue digitally signed, machine readable credentials

Issuer can revoke the issued credentials

Issuer can share VCs to users with authentication

Users (data subjects) can import credentials from various sources (i.e. issuers) to their mobile wallet

Users can share credentials to relying parties from their mobile wallet

Relying (verifying) parties can receive and verify credentials shared with them

Credentials can be verififed in both online and offline settings

What use cases can be powered?


Issuing carbon credits as verifiable credentials for energy market trading, eligibility to subsidies etc.


Students having their education certificates / admission letters as verifiable credentials and sharing the same to prospective employers/loans/scholarships


Citizens holding their vaccination details as verifiable credential for eligibility for entering public spaces


Healthcare professionals with VCs of their professional licensing can present it enabling them to practise anywhere

Govt Services

Passports as verifiable credentials to assist people in their easy commute in airport

Govt Services

Business Owners holding Trade License as a verifiable credential for access to credit

Govt Services

Citizens having their civic certificates (Marriage licenses, Voter ID, Social Security Information /Passport/Driving License) as verifiable credentials to be presented as required

For DaaS Cohort 1, Inji is the digital credentials product made available.

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