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Inviting DPG participation for DaaS

We wanted to share some exciting updates with you!

To accelerate the global 50-in-5 DPI Adoption target, the Centre for DPI and EkStep Foundation are co-convening a program for rapid deployment of DPI pilots called DaaS. The idea of DaaS or DPI as a Packaged Solution was first introduced in a paper published by the Carnegie Institute and later put up for discussion at the Global Technology Summit. The program has been designed after taking feedback from key development partners, funders, DPGs, and government agencies. We have published this wiki for a detailed explanation of how DaaS pilots will be structured.

In the first edition of the DaaS program, the following products (Digital Authentication (on top of an existing ID system); Verifiable Credentials; G2P Financial Address Mapper (ID-Account Mapper); and AI Assistant) are planned to be made available as packaged, cloud-ready, ready to deploy DPIs for participating countries based on country demand.

There are around 7-8 implementation-ready countries in the pipeline for current and upcoming cohorts across Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

We would like to extend an open invitation to you as DPGs to participate as partners for the existing packages of products and for future packages of products. Please let us know if you believe that an open-source project you have could provide one of the products above. The next products we are anticipating to add will be Civil and Functional Registries accessible via open APIs.

Your participation will be key to scaling the DPI implementation across countries. We request you to express your interest in participating by filling out this short form. You can also share this invite directly to any DPGs you believe is suitable. After the initial expression of interest, we will organize a virtual webinar to answer questions and officially onboard DPGs in the DaaS cohorts.

We anticipate that this model will play a critical role in deploying DPI at scale, thereby helping us achieve the ambitious goal of 50-in-5. We are thrilled to have you join us on this exciting and impactful journey. Looking forward!


Centre for Digital Public Infrastructure & EkStep Foundation

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