Digital authentication

What is it?

Add the capability of authenticating whether the individual who owns any kind of ID is trying to use it for a context (eg. via mobile one-time password, PIN, fingerprint auth, or other modes)

Why Digital Authentication?

Unified Login

Layer on ID for multimodal user verification

Single Sign On capabilities

Selective data disclosure to third parties

User data sharing with explicit consent

Modular integration with trusted ID systems

Standard based integration with relying parties

Ensures user privacy and security in all integrations

Robust support for biometric authentication

Comprehensive support for wallet-based authentication

What use cases can be powered?


Single sign on with digital ID for farmers to access Government Portal to place bulk sell orders


University students authentication to download Course Digital certificates

Govt. Services

Profile data sharing for citizens applying for Driving License with age verification

Govt. Services

Profile data sharing for citizens applying for Voter ID with age verification.

Govt. Services

Single sign on for registering online police complaints.

G2P Benefits

Auth for citizens availing Flood relief kits or Draught relief items from Government run stores

G2P Benefits

Auth for farmers applying for Bank Loan waiver or claiming crop Insurance relief.

G2P Benefits

Auth for citizens availing subsidized Food grains from Government run stores/ godowns.


Auth for patient registration at hospitals

Financial Inclusion

eKYC using digital ID for citizens applying for online Bank Account opening.

For DaaS Cohort 1, eSignet is the digital authentication product made available.

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