📂Data Sharing, Credentials and Models

Can an individual/entity/society use its data for empowerment and improved services?

In the 21st century, data operates as digital capital. The ability to create value from data is especially crucial to those individuals, entities, and societies who may be data-rich even before they are financially rich or healthy.

A DPI approach to data sharing can include the following possible use cases:

  1. The ability to generate verifiable credentials for key certificates/claims in a digital society and share asynchronously with any requestor (eg. proof of education; proof of business registration; proof of work experience, proof of vaccination, etc.)

  2. The ability to share personal data in real-time in a secure, consented manner bilaterally with a party offering me a service based on the data (eg a health diagnosis, a loan, a recommendation, etc.)

  3. The ability for a society to generate open anonymised datasets to enable research or trends assessments across various sectors

Additionally, the open anonymised datasets can be used to train and publish open AI/ML models that can be used to better enable access to services based on data, e.g. real time language translation models; financial underwriting models; etc.

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