AI Assistant

What is it?

Access just in time, trusted information via Chatbot

Why AI Assistant?

Natural language communication in a conversation format

All user-bot interactions can be both through text and voice

Comes with inbuilt services to integrate with Telegram and WhatsApp

Communication is supported in multiple languages

Response to a prompt comes from a predefined set of curated, trusted information sources (can be audio, video or text)

What use cases can be powered?


A farmer getting information about multiple govt. schemes and programs


A citizen getting information about how to reduce their carbon footprint and various associated subsidies


A parent getting assistance on handling their child with special needs


A teacher getting assistance on using a new teaching technique in her class


A student getting assistance how to apply for various higher education options and scholarships available to her


A healthcare professional getting information govt. protocols on preventing a new virus

Justice and social welfare

A social worker getting suggestions on how she can help a victim of specific type of domestic violence

For DaaS Cohort 1, Sunbird AI Assistant is the AI Assistant product made available.

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