ID Account Mapper

What is it?

Enables mapping of beneficiary IDs with bank account information for use cases such as payment of government to person benefits

Why ID Account Mapper?

Maintains a mapping of an ID and Financial Address

User login via any trusted digital ID

Self service portal for update of account information

Standard APIs to query and update financial address

One ID mapped to 1 Financial Address

Multiple IDs may be added for the same user*

Bulk upload by Admin or Financial Service Providers (FSPs) like bank, or Govt Department after authentication

What use cases can be powered?


Direct benefit transfer to farmers for fertiliser subsidies


Ministry of health sending childbirth allowance for pregnant women


Merit based tuition fee reimbursement for children from low income groups


Energy subsidies for houses with rooftop solar

Social welfare

Direct benefit transfer for vulnerable sections after a natural disaster

For DaaS Cohort 1, OpenG2P SPAR is the ID-Account Mapper product made available.

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