Functional Registries

What is it?

Convert any database into a trusted reusable reference like health workers registry, farming land registry, skills registry and many more

Why Functional Registries?

Enables implementation of decentralised and interoperable registries

Machine readable, digitally signed and openly accessible via APIs

Configurable Schema to capture minimal & contextual information

Enables ease of update data by the end-user

Claim and attestation workflows to maintain trustworthy data

Easily verifiable by 3rd party systems (external attestation) and allows easy interoperability with existing systems

Discoverable registry records with control on public, private, personal information

Registries in addition to providing the data about entities they are designed for also enable verification and authentication of the entities

Ability to audit changes in registry records

What use cases can be powered?


A Healthcare Professional Registry where all health professionals, including doctors and nurses, would be registered and verified, allowing citizens to have access to verified and authentic professionals


A Health Facility Registry where medical institutions are cataloged, enabling patients to find nearby facilities with the services they need, assured of their quality and authenticity


A Farm/Land Registry that catalogs agricultural properties, aiding in sustainable land use planning and subsidy allocation.


An Organ Registries including Pledge Registry, Recipient Registry, Donor Registry that matches donors with recipients, streamlining organ transplantation processes and saving lives

Govt Services

A Government Scheme Registry that connects all eligible citizens with all the welfare programs/schemes run by the government


Educational Registries -Parents searching for accredited educational institutions in their area for their child and being able to compare the programs, ratings, and facilities offered by each.


A Student Registry that tracks academic progress, facilitating scholarship opportunities for students.

For DaaS Cohort 1, Sunbird Registries is the functional registries product made available.

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