About the DPI Wikipedia

In a crowded technology innovation landscape and a sometimes polarised geopolitical climate, Digital Public Infrastructure has emerged as an unusual point of convergence across countries. It is now well acknowledged as a powerful strategy to drive inclusive and sustainable economic growth.
Through the DPI Wikipedia, we've attempted to distil 15 years of practical implementation experience and insight across countries - cutting across some of the key areas that make up what we call the ‘DPI Approach’. It is designed to be a living resource, constantly updated with what is new and what is important.
We’ve tried to simplify it to the absolute minimum of what you need to know to get started in the execution of an inclusive, interoperable, and high scale DPI in your country – across agriculture, finance, health, education, skilling, ecommerce, and beyond.
To the builders and practitioners in countries tirelessly working to solve large scale societal problems: this wikipedia is dedicated to you.
We hope it can help bring you closer to your implementation goals.
Send us your dashboards so we can celebrate with you!
With warm wishes,
Kamya Chandra | Vijay Vujjini
Anusree Jaykrishnan | Tanushka Vaid